Luise Zücker

VULVAlicious NFT

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your friendly VULVA in a blockchain. this is the first LUISE ZÜCKER collectible which gives you special access to the VULVAlicious KLUB with special treats, new collection releases, gifts and discounts for life!
what are NFTs? 
NFTs are digital visual collectibles that live online, are uniquely identifiable, and owned by you
what does the VULVAlicious collectible get me? 
only this membership KLUB tokan gives you access to the empowering VULVAlicious KLUB
where can I view my collectible?
you can view it in your collection by logging into with your email address
do these collectibles only live on
no, they live on the polygon blockchain. polygon is a "green" blockchain that doesn't require vast amounts of electricity to run. you can view your NFT anywhere that connects to the polygon blockchain, for example at

can I resell my NFT? 
yes you can, but then you also transfer your VULVAlicious KLUB member privileges
1) you need a 3rd party wallet installed, such as or coinbase wallet
2) transfer your collectible from to your wallet by clicking the "send" button 
3) list it for sale on a secondary marketplace, such as (the largest NFT marketplace)