Luise Zücker

VULVAlicious KLUB member dangles

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win a ticket to our show and support us in the process 🥹💖🥂 celebrating our 1st LUISE ZÜCKER fashion show, we are opening the doors again to our VULVAlicious KLUB 💖 


1) buy one pair of our iconic mini VULVA eardangles and the VULVA NFT using the code with your pruchase: VULVALICIOUSKLUB (special offer till our show) 

2) get the VULVA NFT klub member token for free 

💖 with this klub token you get access to our secret @vulvalicious_klub_backstage insta account with special insights, gifts and discounts and for life! 
💖 you get the chance to win one of 3 tickets to the show or one of our VIP goodie bags

come celebrate this monumental moment with us! looking forward to seeing you on the other side! 


original VULVAlicious ear dangle mini - size 2,5cm - material galvanized brass, loops anallergic surgical steel - made in Italy