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LUISE ZÜCKER #jewelrycouture made for everyday magic

LUISE ZÜCKER gender positive empowering jewelry is made for all stages, big and small, wherever you are! each inspirational piece carries the glow of your inner feminine strength as a lucky reminder of your confidence. all designs come with love straight from Berlin.

3-7 SHIPPING days EU only

finger rings






too eleborate for your next digital dinner party? BRUISE

check out the BRUISE collection

ready for your princess moment? THROB

check out the THROB collection

feel your inner strength and also want to glow on the outside? LACUNA

check out the LACUNA collection

HEART collection

i feel u. i heart u. i see u. use your heart to think.

photo Kristina Kast model MADANII team Maike Venzlaff Ruiz

ANTENNA collection

get out your sensing devices, there is a lot going in the world! the INSTILL masks are pairing up with the feelers of the ANTENNA headpieces to get you ready for what comes next!

photo Koa Koppenhöfer model Marie Zechiel team Louisa Glaser

THROB collection

remember those mtv times laying in bed, your heart throbbing for your secret crush? this is the ultimate collection for you!

photo Jan Reiser styling Nina Petters fashion Mel Redmer hair and make up Carolin Jarchow model Noemi Liv Nicolaisen

BRUISE collection

amidst childhood and adolescence might be a blurry line between BRUISES and love bites. can you always tell the difference?

photo Jan Reiser hairmua Hauke Krause

CREST collection

the CREST collection is inspired by the natural armor of confidence everyone carries inside.

photo Jan Reiser hairmua Hauke Krause styling Victoria Beck model Alisa Rajewskaja

LACUNA collection

your body is much too often a taboo. but isn't so beautiful in every form and every part of it? the whole LACUNA collection is vulva inspired. those were my first jewelry designs and i am still so in love with them.

photo Jan Reiser styling Nina Petters model Noemi Liv Nicolaisen


what was she looking for?

photo Jan Reiser styling Nina Petters hairmua Carolin Jarchow model Noemi Liv Nicolaisen

About Luise Zücker

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LUISE ZÜCKER also available at

LNFA berlin

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